Alternative Dispute Resolution/Conflict Resolution

Alternative Dispute or conflict resolution offers individuals and businesses an opportunity to address conflict or dispute matters in a timely and usually very cost-effective manner.  This saves the focus of the business being diverted to costly drawn out solutions, or referral to legal processes, and can save time, money and provide leaders and their teams with improved skills on managing conflict and dispute.

There are processes that allow for those most affected by the problem or conflict to work with a facilitator to work through the issues and develop their own tailored solutions.  These are what we call non-determinative processes such as the many forms of mediation and include restorative practices. 

  • Sporting and Clubs mediation/conflict resolution
  • Restorative Justice/Practice Conferencing
  • Commercial mediation
  • Workplace mediation

Our Principal Consultant Deb Black has extensive experience in diverse aspects of conflict resolution and we utilise blended programs to achieve the optimum outcome for our clients.  Where there is a need for a wholistic solution for our clients, we collaborate with trusted Associates with similar client focussed cultures.  Deb currently sits on the Panels of the SA Small Business Commission, The Federal Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Dept for Education and (DECD), SA Magistrates Court, The Return to Work SA Mediator Panel.   Our experience is tailored to your needs and requirements.   


Business Services

Conflict Management and Mitigation:

Sometimes things in our businesses don’t work as smoothly as we would like.  This could be due to changes in how we work, process or deliver services to our customers.  It could be personality clashes in the workplace or a resistance to changes in the workplace.  All of these issues and conflicts take time to work through and when time is money, they cost your business money in lower productivity and a diversion of attention in your team to the conflict and problems rather than the solution.  Our programs can help you and your team/s deal with these issues constructively and save time and money while raising skill levels in your workforce.

At Blackforrest Consulting we have extensive experience working with SMEs, Medium sized business, Government Agencies, Large corporations, Tertiary Education institutions and in the Not for Profit sector.  We work collaboratively with Associates when needed, as they are available to complement and supplement our service offering when additional resourcing is required or additional, specific specialist skills.

Our experience has shown that it is not only in resolving existing conflict that we can provide cost saving and value but also in providing the process consulting that assists our clients with a holistic service that includes policy and process audits/reviews of administrative and management systems that address employee engagement and dispute resolution.  In addition, we offer mentoring, coaching and workshops for all teams to develop their skills at addressing conflict in the workplace.  We provide tailored (bespoke) services to Leadership teams to help them identify leadership and conflict styles so that they can upskill and develop strategies for dealing with conflict constructively, before it escalates to Dispute status.

Mentoring Programs:

"Mentors in the workplace are simply people who help other people succeed". - Neave Hospital Southern Minnesota

Mentoring programs provide an independent one on one resource to work with Leaders and potential Leaders to raise their skill level and work through the complexities of management and executive roles in a confidential environment.  The Mentor provides a sounding board and helps the Mentee explore options but ultimately the Mentee chooses the most appropriate solution.  These programs can be tailored as a 6 or 12 month program working with individuals in Leadership roles.


Coaching involves setting a specific agenda to achieve an outcome and the Coach works with an individual or group to set the goals and provide the support to work towards success.

Suitable for Leadership groups or individuals seeking to expand and develop their people management skills, including managing conflict in a constructive manner.

Process Consulting:

Are all your business systems, policies and processes up to date?  Are they appropriate or relevant to your business?  Have you kept up with legislative changes in respect of Work Health and Safety or other legislative requirements? Prevention is always better and more cost effective than “cure”.  We provide a cost-effective solution by working with your business to review and update policies and procedures that clarify business expectations and conform to legislative requirements.  In addition, we are able to provide “packages” that include short information sessions to raise awareness of changes.

Change Management:

When your business needs to, or wants to, make changes to operations and procedures that improve productivity and process, we can work with you and your team to take care of the process while your people remain focussed on running your business.

Work Health and Safety:

Our collaborative expertise includes extensive experience in Work Health and Safety and we can review Policies and Procedures to ensure they are still fit for purpose and provide training for staff in relation to regular updates.  

Strategic Planning:

An opportunity to refocus on the future – let us work with your team to ensure that you’re heading in the right direction.  We can work with you to facilitate, review and work towards maximising your business outcomes.


A variety of formats available contextualised to suit your business needs.

“Bite Size” 1 hour sessions on relevant topics.

Half day – 4 hour sessions

Full Day – 7 hour sessions


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