Deb Black

At Blackforrest Consulting, we work collaboratively with you and your business and are focused on providing cost effective business and personal solutions that develop skills, resolve business interruption and effect change. 

Our suite of services and training is tailored to your needs.  We offer individual Leadership mentoring and conflict coaching or group training and coaching on conflict management and resolution, including training on appropriate workplace behaviour and workshops aimed at promoting and improving healthy relationships.

Our principal Deb Black is a nationally accredited Mediator and member of Resolution Institute, a reputable Alternative Dispute Resolution organisation.  

In addition, Deb has expertise in:

  • Executive Management;
  • Conflict Mitigation;
  • Mediation;
  • Restorative facilitation*; and
  • Workforce development.

Deb is an experienced Executive and Non-Executive Director and member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Deb, as Principal of Blackforrest Consulting, is a member of Strategy Road Swarm, working with like minded business owners to provide client centric business practices.

* Deb currently works with Centre for Restorative Justice, which provides training in RJ practice for schools, businesses and in the judicial system.